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Plumber in Mobile, AL

Across Mobile, AL, homeowners and business owners rely on the professionals when they need the services of a plumber. Whether you are working on a home renovation and need new fixtures or it's just time to have your drains serviced, Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Mobile AL is here to help you. We have competitive rates that you'll appreciate, and we'll charge the same price, any time, any day.

When you work with one of our licensed plumbers, you can expect to receive quality service and courteous treatment. We're available on your schedule, and we have millions of satisfied customers across the country through our national brand. We can assist you with:

  • Diagnosis and checkup services
  • Fixture installations and upgrades
  • Common repairs and emergencies

We have technicians available in Mobile and the nearby areas, and we'll strive to finish jobs quickly and properly. Our plumbers are ready to help you, so call Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Mobile AL today for the assistance you need.

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Even minor plumbing problems can get serious fast. Don't slow down your busy home life or your business—just call Mr. Rooter. Is your kitchen sink, or break room drain, backed up? Is your toilet running slowly? Do you have dripping faucets? These are signs of plumbing trouble that need professional attention ASAP. Don't ignore it or live with it. Call Mr. Rooter to cure your plumbing problem, from routine work to serious troubleshooting in your home, office or commercial building.

Plumbing Services

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Drain Cleaning

When you’re in need of drain cleaning, you want a plumbing professional who can quickly address your drainage issues without harming your pipes or the environment. Trust in the experts at Mr. Rooter for a timely, stress-free solution to your drain cleaning needs with up-front pricing, no overtime charges, and 24/7 service. The professionals at Mr. Rooter have the tools, equipment, and experience necessary to safely and efficiently address clogs and prevent messy backups.

Drain Cleaning

Sewer Diagram

Sewer Line Repair

When sewer lines or water pipes become corroded, cracked, or burst, it can wreak havoc on any homeowner's property. Fortunately, Mr. Rooter’s courteous, understanding experts are experienced and licensed plumbing professionals that provide a solution to damaged sewer lines: trenchless pipe repair. This option provides quick and effective sewer pipe and water line repair without digging up and damaging your yard.

Sewer Line Repair

Mr. Rooter plumber showing pipe camera inspection to customer on a tablet

Plumbing Camera Inspection

The best way to pinpoint the source of a clogged drain is also the least invasive. A plumbing camera inspection not only helps our plumbers identify the issue, but also prevents the need for a major plumbing repair in the future.

Plumbing Camera Inspection